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The information portal for professionals within the Norwegian securities market.

Arena provides information on securities listed on Oslo BÝrs, Oslo Axess and N-OTC. There are currently two information products available in Arena: Top Shareholders and Corporate Actions Calendar.

Top Shareholders provides weekly updated lists of the largest shareholders in companies listed on Oslo BÝrs, Oslo Axess and on the A-list of N-OTC. There are three subscription levels available: TOP20, TOP30 and TOP50.

Corporate Actions Calendar keeps track of upcoming corporate actions and dividends for shares and primary capital certificates traded on Oslo BÝrs and shares traded on Oslo Axess.

Arena is developed by Oslo Market Solutions, which is a 100% owned subsidiary by Oslo BÝrs VPS Holding ASA which develops and operates solutions in security trading. We offer several standard and tailored solutions, Online Equity Trading, Research Publishing and Investor Relations. We are additionally distributing standardized data products based on public information from VPS' record as well as Oslo BÝrs.

"In Oslo BÝrs VPS, we maintain a clear focus on our customers' requirements and on serving the market with products of the highest possible quality. Arena is a source for updated and accurate high-level market data from the Norwegian securities market."

Bente A Landsnes, President and Chief Executive Officer, Oslo BÝrs VPS



Top shareholders changes

Due to modifications to the Top Shareholders feed there might occur minor differences in the update 2012-03-26 for some private investors regarding the fields "Name" and "Change". Number of shares will be correct. Also, names for nominee and broker accounts will reflect the actual account name registered in VPS.


HOEGH LNG(BMG454221059) is now included in Arena


Companies with foreign ISINs excluded from Arena Top Shareholders as of October 10th.

Through Arena TOP 20 and Arena TOP 30 Oslo Market Solutions provides a weekly updated shareholder status of companies listed on Oslo BÝrs, Oslo Axess and the NOTC A list. Arena TOP 20 and TOP 30 does not include information about Norwegian and foreign companies that have reserved themselves from being included in the list.

As of October 10th 2011 Oslo Market Solutions will no longer have access to shareholders information for foreign companies (companies with foreign ISIN) and with effect from the same date the foreign companies will be excluded from Arena TOP 20 and TOP 30. The reason for the change is that due to potential legal limitations, our information provider has decided not to distribute information regarding shareholders in foreign companies to third parties any more.

Financial Calendar

HAFNIAnnual Report   
HAFNIQuarterly Report - Q4   
ELOPHalf-yearly Report   
MOWIDividend payment date 
SBHAAnnual Report 
Arena is developed and provided by Oslo Market Solutions. Shareholder data is provided by VPS, Corporate Actions by Oslo BÝrs.