Top Shareholders

Who's up and who's down? Stay updated on the shareholder structure of Norwegian companies.

Top Shareholders provides weekly updates on the ownership of Norwegian companies listed on Oslo BÝrs, Oslo Axess and the A-list of N-OTC. The lists are based on data as registered in VPS.

Product overview

The following content is included in Top Shareholders

  • Ticker
  • ISIN
  • Total number of shares
  • Aggregrated number of shares and percentage owned by the largest shareholders
  • Share of private investors
  • Share og foreign investors
  • Weekly changes
  • 1 year historical data
  • Export to Excel
  • Changes in investors holdings are highlighted as well as new investors and investors exiting the list
  • User-defines shortcuts

Update frequency

The lists are ordinarily updated every Monday morning based on the previous Fridays settlement in VPS. As the settlement cycle is T+2, the Monday holdings updates include trades executed until and including the previous Wednesday.

Certain companies have decided not to be included in Top Shareholders. Some of these companies have their primary listing on other exchanges. Our shareholder lists will therefore be incomplete. Others may be registered in countries prohibiting the distribution of shareholder information.

Subscription types

TOP 20: Includes the 20 largest shareholders as registered in VPS

TOP 30: Includes the 30 largest shareholders as registered in VPS

TOP 50: Includes the 50 largest shareholders as registered in VPS

Price per user, in NOK per year, excl. VAT.

TOP 20TOP 30TOP 50
First two users12.50016.00019.000
3 - 5 users7.50012.00015.000
6 - 15 users7.00011.00014.000

For more information and to order a subscription, please email or call +47 40 00 23 13.

Arena is developed and provided by Oslo Market Solutions. Shareholder data is provided by VPS, Corporate Actions by Oslo BÝrs.